Nocheez Orchestra is a project that grew out of my Congregation Against Styrocultural Brain Damage studio project CD. In fact we were originally playing shows under the C.A.S.B.D. name. Because of the extremely long title we decided to come up with a title that was easier to convey. This project, and my instrumental trio Styrocutlrual Antidote, which grew out of and was the title of act four from the C.A.S.B.D. CD, became the projects I would focus on. It was the point where I really felt I had found my path, and though I continue to grow as an artist and musician, these projects are the seeds, the thread that holds it all together.

Much of the work is socio-political which in my estimation is pretty much all encompassing since the story of mankind, our experiences, are indeed social. The music is eclectic and the CD's usually have some sort of theme, although very broad. I allow the style of music (which could be multiple even in one piece) to be shaped by the content to give the story more meaning. It's definitely a different aesthetic than most use in the music world since an album is often refined into a narrow sound, one particular style.

The thought here is constant learning, development, and to portray via the art form, the world I see around me. I constantly work on adding new concepts, aesthetics, all while never forgetting what came prior. A lot of wonderful musicians have been part of this project and the current group is amazing. It's great to work with such wonderful artistic folks who dearly love and NEED the art form.

I have a boat load of material planned for release and I hope you'll find interest in this music. I ask that you come with open ears and without pre-conceived notions. Let it wash over you and let it take you on a journey. The music is crafted and what you hear is happening for a reason, so indulge, ask questions, and find your own answers.

Peace, Ronnie