Ronnie Neuhauser - guitar /composer / musical director/ vocal oddities

Ronnie Neuhauser's musical vision melds a myriad of musical styles into his own, and is a major part of his exploration of the universal language. A spirited guitarist, he’s also a prolific writer and gifted composer. His 1999 concept CD, Congregation Against Styrocultural Brain Damage (CASBD), was a recipient of a Preston Foundation grant. CASBD laid Ronnie’s musical and conceptual groundwork for NoCheez Orchestra and Styrocultural Antidote.


Fred Melillo - bass

Fred’s love of music cannot be contained, nor can his prowess on the bass. Fred attended the Educational Center for the Arts in New Haven and studied theory, performance and upright bass. He played bass in the power trio Legend, recording the album From The Fjords. That album is a hot collector's item today. He’s a member of the duo Frack as songwriter multi-instrumentalist. Fred also made industry notice, being featured in Keyboard Magazine’s Discovery column.


Jeremy Shulick - drums

Trisha Radil Lendroth - vocals

Trisha’s versatility, skill, and vocal prowess is hypnotic and
fosters unlimited lyrical exploration for the band. She pours her heart into it and adds a touch of beauty to the beast that is NoCheez Orchestra. She can also be found singing for the Groove Junkies and formerly sang for Witchunt, Triadic and Funk Junky.

Jon Papa White - vocals




Past Members

Mike Yost - vocals

Jason Gavin - drums

Jeffrey Halloran - vocals

And a slew of other members who appeared on the first C.A.S.B.D. CD, aka NCO: Dean Kosh, Steve "Sketchy" Thomas, Marie Gisonni, Fred Scerbo, Drew Willmott, Christian Geith, Jon Clarke.