Works In Progress (as of 2/24/2016)

Nocheez Orchestra CD "Church Of Change." Approximately
half way completed with tracking.

Fe Fi Fo CD tentatively titled "The Dance of Life." Majority of the compositions are written or conceptualized.

CD Antithesis of Our time Volume Two by Styrocultural Antidote. All basic tracks recorded. The basic tracks were improvised. Soon to be mixed.

Ronnie is currently working on an all acoustic guitar CD. Much of it is written. About to begin the recording process.

Nocheez Orchestra CD "Murdering The Mother." Four large suites.
Suite one recorded, three completely written and part of suite four written.

Drums, Bass along with some guitar tracks are complete for the new Styrocultural Antidote CD entitled "Take Me To Your Leader."

Nocheez Orchestra DVD movie. No title as of yet. In the editing process.
Will feature live and studio performances,
interviews, oddities, music video's etc.

No Cheez Orchestra is far along in the
recording of the CD entitled Gangr'ear.

Future Works

(Complete) Hoping to stage Ronnie's No Cheez Orchestra
avant garde rock opera
"Simplex One."

Plans to write the opera "American Jesus."
(Subject matter determined.)